The Book that Celebrates Women’s Sensual Fantasies

Alexandra, best selling, super summer holiday read. A beautifully written, best selling book telling the fascinating, exciting, naughty, empowering, fantasies of Alexandra and her many friends. A great book for the summer. A book to take away and read on the beach.  Cherish the book. Read it in bed. Read on the train. Love your book and it will love you.

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Be Empowered

You are open, empowered and want to throw off the shackles of conformity. You are liberated and want to measure yourself against others. There is no guilt in your sexuality.

Accept Your Erotic Fantasies

I know you have deep, sensual, and erotic fantasies. We all do.

“At last a woman’s perspective on great sex”

Everyone is inquisitive

You are inquisitive and want to know if your fantasies are the same as other women’s. You want to know how other women fantasise to satisfy their carnal needs and wants. Reading Alexandra will quench your inquisitiveness.


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Feel No guilt

Your friends, partner and magazines try to make you feel guilty. They try and make you feel embarrassed for normal and natural thoughts. They cast women as the subservient victim. In my world you are the hero of the story and not the victim. You have control.

“None of that submissive little woman at men’s beck and call”

Be Strong

Women are stronger. We have control. We take responsibility for our own thoughts. Strong women are proud of their fantasies. Men do not intimidate us.

I am Your Inspiration

I am your inspiration. Read my experiences in one beautiful book. Read a short story each night or settle down to read cover to cover. Learn what women really want.

“Beautifully written”

Be Empowered by Your Fantasies

They are naughty, raunchy, and exciting but never explicit. They are written by a woman and show women how they can be empowered by their deepest thoughts

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I can resist everything except temptation

Alexandra, a psychologist, an expert in female erotic fantasies, tells over fifty of her deeply erotic, sensual, and personal fantasies.

“I have spent much of my adult life thinking about how women think about sex. I am one of the lucky people who really enjoy their work.”

She has modelled for fashion brands, often in tight and skimpy lingerie, and shown and exposed every curve of her body, but she has always been in control and empowered.

Learn What Women Really Think

“It is a story every woman and man must read to learn what women really think”

“A book everyone should read”

“The best seller that everyone is now reading”

You have a responsibility to yourself and your partner

Don’t be left behind. Read the best selling ‘ALEXANDRA’. Now ONLY $2.99

US Amazon Paperback and Kindle

UK Amazon Paperback and Kindle

For iBook, iPad